Small space living can have its challenges, but can also be a cozy space for you to decorate and call home. If you are trying to find more space in your small room to look like you have more space, you are not alone. The ability to make a space multifunctional, comfortable and visually appealing are the top challenges for small home owners. It is possible, and with these simple tips, we will turn your small space into a welcoming place that you love to call home!

When square footage is limited, look to your walls. Working vertically is the fastest way to multiply and maximize your available space. Walls aren’t just a place for artwork — you can find room for your plates, toilet paper, dry goods, etc… While wall-mounted bookshelves aren’t anything new, you can maximize space and make an interesting statement by taking them to the ceiling.

Use light and color to your advantage. To make your rooms look larger, let ample light into your home as much as possible. Also use light colors, neutrals, and muted tones to maximize visual space. When your home looks larger, you will feel better and more at home in your small space. Try to avoid compartmentalizing your rooms with color. Use a unifying color theme throughout your home, like a neutral and define spaces with accent walls or with varying hues of the same color. This will make your space visually read as one large space.

Bring in eye catching furnishings. Even though your space is small doesn’t mean you can’t maximize on style! The great thing about having a small space is you don’t need a lot of furniture. For the few pieces that you do have, make them special and eye catching. A beautiful headboard in your bedroom, or even an entertainment center that commands attention from all your guests, can make your apartment interiors fun and enjoyable to be in. Don’t forget your walls too. Artwork, murals, and wall decals can make your walls come alive with color and life without much work. The more visually appealing your decor and furnishings, the easier it will be to remember how larger your space actually is.

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