Updating your master bedroom can create a personal retreat you look forward to coming home to each day and it can add value to your home. A great master suite really makes a potential buyer able to imagine living there. It makes them want to live their lives in that home. Taking on this type of project can be challenging, however Lyle Reid & Associates are here to help.


You may choose to remodel your master bedroom for any number of reasons; maybe you’re tired of your current color scheme. Maybe you are facing a change in your life situation. You may be looking forward to staying in your home as you get older, and you want to prepare for any physical limitations you face, as you get older. Or You may simply want more space


You may be remodeling your master bedroom to suit your needs, or you may be planning to sell your house and want to make it more appealing to prospective buyers. A master bedroom with a fresh look not only feels good; it can give you a return on your investment between 40-80% (in comparison, high-ROI projects like kitchen and bathroom remodels come in about 85%).


Expanding closets and larger master bathrooms are the top features homeowners want in their new bedroom suite. Luxury baths are still popular, although some homeowners are replacing large, deep bathtubs with roomy tiled showers, often with dual showerheads or a custom spray system.

The master suite should have large, preferably walk-in closets, separate tub and shower, two sinks, nice lighting


Whether you’re getting your home ready for the market or looking to stay there for years, it’s becoming more common for remodeling projects to include features that will accommodate aging residents who may need wheelchairs or walkers


Once you’ve decided what features you want in your remodeled master bedroom suite, you’ll need to determine how to build it. You can add space to your master bedroom by ripping out interior walls, adding onto your home’s footprint, or even adding a story above your home. It is possible to add a second story to your home to accommodate a master bedroom suite, but you’ll need to hire a contractor to determine if your foundation is strong enough and can handle the extra weight.


Projects that call for such extensive construction require the services of a professional contractor. With years of experience in all things luxury real estate throughout Fort Worth, Lyle Reid has a proven track record of success in providing expert luxury real estate solutions. We’ve built our foundation on our commitment to exceeding clients’ expectations – just read a few of the testimonials throughout the site.


Partnering with Lyle Reid Luxury Real Estate Services can expedite the remodeling process and get you the home you’ve been dreaming about. Contact Lyle Reid to get started today